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44th Annual PTTI Meeting 2012

Meeting Information

November 26 - 29, 2012

Hyatt Regency Reston
1800 Presidents Street
Reston, Virginia, USA 20190

Meeting Officers


Paper 1: Activity Report from NICT
Yuko Hanado, Kuniyasu Imamura, Tsukasa Iwama, Ryuichi Ichikawa, Mamoru Sekido, Tadahiro Gotoh, and Toshio Iguchi, National Institute of Information and Communications Technology

Paper 2: Time and Frequency Activities at the U.S. Naval Observatory
Demetrios Matsakis, Time Service Department, U.S. Naval Observatory

Paper 3: Time and Frequency Activities at the JHU Applied Physics Laboratory
Mihran Miranian, Gregory L. Weaver, Jeffrey F. Garstecki, and Richard A. Dragonette, Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory

Paper 4: Recent Calibrations of UTC(NIST) - UTC(USNO)
Victor Zhang, Thomas E. Parker, Time and Frequency Division of the National Institute of Standards and Technology
Russell Bumgarner, Jonathan Hirschauer, Angela McKinley, Stephen Mitchell, Ed Powers, Jim Skinner, and Demetrios Matsakis, Time Service Department of the United States Naval Observatory

Paper 5: Accuracy/Precision of USNO Predicted Clock Estimates for GPS Satellites
Christine Hackman, Earth Orientation Department, United States Naval Observatory

Paper 6: Using IGS Products for Near Real-Time Comparison of UTC(k)�s
Pascale Defraigne, Quentin Baire, and Eric Pottiaux, Royal Observatory of Belgium

Paper 7: GNSS Activities and Performance at USNO
Stephen Mitchell, Ed Powers, Jeff Prillaman, Valeri Makarov, and Demetrios Matsakis, U. S. Naval Observatory

Paper 8: Replicating UTC(NIST) at Remote Sites
Michael A. Lombardi, Andrew N. Novick, National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)
Jose Mauricio López-Romero, Centro Nacional de Metrología (CENAM)
Rodrigo Ramos P., University of Concepción,

Paper 9: Three Years of GLONASS Use for UTC
Z. Jiang and W. Lewandowski, Time Department, Bureau International des Poids et Mesures (BIPM)

Paper 10: Synchronization between Remote Sites for the MINOS Experiment
S. Römisch, S. R.Jefferts, V. Zhang, T. E. Parker, N. Ashby, NIST - Time and Frequency Division
P. Adamson, C. James, R. Plunkett, Fermilab
G. Barr, University of Oxford
A. Habig, J. Meier, University of Minnesota
R. Nicol, University College
C. Rosenfeld, University of South Carolina
R. Bumgarner, M. Christensen, J. Hirschauer, B. Fonville, S. Mitchell, A. McKinley, E. Powers, J. Wright, and D. Matsakis, USNO

Paper 11: Measurement of the Velocity of the Neutrino with MINOS
P. Adamson, Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory
N. Ashby, S. R. Jefferts, T. E. Parker, S. Römisch, V. Zhang, NIST Time and Frequency Division
R. Bumgarner, M. Christensen, B. Fonville, J. Hirschauer, D. Matsakis, A. McKinley, E. Powers, J. Wright, USNO

Paper 12: Measurement of CNGS Muon Neutrinos Speed with Borexino: INRIM and ROA Contribution
Giancarlo Cerretto, Valerio Pettiti, Cedric Plantard, Optics Division, INRIM (Istituto Nazionale di Ricerca Metrologica)
Hector EstebanTime Department, ROA (Real Instituto y Observatorio de la Armada), Time Department, ROA (Real Instituto y Observatorio de la Armada)
Marco Pallavicini, Dipartimento di Fisica, Universitàe INFN
Alessandro Razeto, Laboratori Nazionali del Gran Sasso, INFN

Paper 13: Relative Calibration of the Time Transfer Link between CERN and LNGS for Precise Neutrino Time of Flight Measurements
Thorsten Feldmann, A. Bauch, D. Piester, Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB)
P. Alvarez, D. Autiero, J. Serrano, European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN)
G. Brunetti, Institut de Physique Nucléaire de Lyon

Paper 14: Suppression of SBS-Induced RF Phase Noise in an RF-Photonic Link
James P. Cahill, Olukayode Okusaga, Weimin Zhou, U.S. Army Research Laboratory
James P. Cahill, Gary M. Carter, University of Maryland

Paper 15: Two-Way Time Transfer via a Common-Path Fiber Link
Wen-Hung Tseng, Shinn-Yan Lin, Yi-Jiun Huang, Fang-dar Chu, Telecommunication Laboratories, Chunghwa Telecom Co., Ltd.
Kai-Ming Feng, Institute of Photonics Technologies, National Tsing Hua University

Paper 16: Timing Calibration of a GPS/Galileo Combined Receiver
Blair Fonville, Edward Powers, US Naval Observatory
Rigas Ioannides, Jörg Hahn, and Alexander Mudrak, European Space Agency - ESTEC

Paper 17: In Search of a New Primary GPS Receiver for NIST
M. A. Weiss, NIST Time and Frequency Division
J. Yao, and J. Li, University of Colorado, Physics Dept.

Paper 18: In Situ GNSS Receiver Bias Calibrations using Picosecond Pulses
Johnathan York, Otto Caldwell, Aaron Kerkhoff, Jon Little, David Munton, Scot Nelsen, Brent Renfro, and Thomas Gaussiran, Applied Research Laboratories, The University of Texas at Austin,

Paper 19: Enabling Accurate Differential Calibration of Modern GPS Receivers
S. Römisch, V. Zhang, T. E. Parker, and S. R. Jefferts, NIST - Time and Frequency Division

Paper 20: Clock Steering Using Frequency Estimates from Stand-alone GPS Receiver Carrier Phase Observations
Edward Byrne, Lars Boehnke, Samuel Stein, Symmetricom Corporation
Thao Q. Nguyen, 2AFRL/RYMN
Frank van Graas, Ohio University

Paper 21: Experimental and Simulation Study for Commercial Time Transfer Service over Geostationary Satellite
Dr Jacqueline Walker, Department of Electronic and Computer Engineering, University of Limerick
Ing. Marco Genova, Mixed Processing Ltd

Paper 22: Progress on Two-way Satellite Time Transfer using DPN Signals
Tadahiro Gotoh, Jun Amagai, Miho Fujieda, and Masanori Aida, National Institute of Information and Communications Technology

Paper 23: High-Precise Portable Time Interval and Frequency Counter
R. Szplet, Z. Jachna, K. Rózyc, and P. Kwiatkowski, Military University of Technology

Paper 24: A Voice Time Monitoring and Recording Sub-System for the Telephone Speaking Clock
C.C. Lin, P. C. Chang, J. L. Wang, T. Y. Chiu, and S. Y. Lin, National Time & Frequency Standard Lab.

Paper 25: Performance and Applications of an Ensemble of Atomic Fountains
Steven Peil, James Hanssen, Thomas B. Swanson, Christopher R. Ekstrom, United States Naval Observatory
Scott Crane, Naval Research Laboratory

Paper 26: Solving For Time: A Unified, Covariance-Based Comparison Of Celestial And Radionavigation Algorithms From 1770 To The Present
Daniel G. Jablonski, Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory

Paper 27: Discrete Simulation of Power Law Noise
Neil Ashby, University of Colorado

Paper 28: Time Scales Comparisons Using Simultaneous Measurements in Three Frequency Channels
Petr Pánek and Alexander Kuna, Institute of Photonics and Electronics AS CR

Paper 29: Tests of the BIPM Portable Calibration Station - METODE: MEasurement of TOtal Delay
Z. Jiang, L. Tisserand, and G. Petit, Time Department, Bureau International des Poids et Measures

Paper 30: GPS Carrier-Phase Time Transfer Boundary Discontinuity Investigation
Jian Yao and Judah Levine, Time and Frequency Division and JILA, National Institute of Standards and Technology and University of Colorado

Paper 31: A Cold-Atom Clock Based on Coherent Population Trapping
Elizabeth A. Donley, Francois-Xavier Esnault, Eric Blanshan, and John Kitching, National Institute of Standards and Technology

Paper 32: Long Term Behavior of Quartz Oscillators in Space
James C. Camparo, Physical Sciences Laboratories, The Aerospace Corporation
James O. Hagerman, Integrated Systems & Global Solutions - Defense
Thomas A. McClelland, Frequency Electronics, Inc.

Paper 33: Oscillator Sources for a DORIS Satellite SDR Receiver System
Benjamin H. Barnum, Chris Haskins, Wesley Millard, Michael Kelly, The Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory
David Rainwater, Applied Research Lab, University of Texas

Paper 34: MESSENGER Onboard Timekeeping Accuracy during the First Year in Orbit at Mercury
Stanley B. Cooper, J. Robert Jensen, and Gregory L. Weaver, The Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory

Paper 35: Evaluation of Time Transfer Units for Time and Frequency Transfer in Optical Fibers Utilizing a Passive Technique Based on SONET/SDH
James Hanssen, Christopher Ekstrom, US Naval Observatory
Sven-Christian Ebenhag, and Kenneth Jaldehag, SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden

Paper 36: Asymmetry Mitigation through Line Swapping in IEEE 802.3 Ethernet
Reinhard Exel, Thomas Bigler, Austrian Academy of Sciences, IISS
Nikolaus Kerö, Oregano Systems

Paper 37: IRIG-B Time Signal Distribution over Geostationary Satellites
Senol Gulgonul, Mesut Gokten, Nedim Sozbir, Turksat AS
Thomas Meinerz, Alpermann+Velte
Erdem Demircioglu, Ankara University

Paper 38: Towards Timely Intelligence in the Power Grid"
Julien Amelot, Thomas Nelson, Gerard Stenbakken, Ya-Shian Li-Baboud, National Institute of Standards and Technology
Dhananjay Anand, James Moyne, University of Michigan Ann Arbor

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