Index to the proceedings of the Precise Time And Time Interval (PTTI) systems and applications (formerly applications and planning) meeting

Topical Index, 1970-2007

This index has been prepared by William J. Riley of Datum, Inc. and Lee A. Breakiron of the U.S. Naval Observatory. Up through Meeting #28 (1996), the meeting was called the PTTI Applications and Planning Meeting. Thereafter, it has been called the PTTI Systems and Applications Meeting.

The index consists of paper titles and authors sorted by subject. Each paper has been assigned to one of ten categories. The entry for each paper is preceded by a hyphenated numerical code indicating its subject, Proceedings volume number, and page number therein, i.e. 03-02-084 represents subject category "3", Proceedings volume number "2" and page number "84". Each Proceedings was actually published in the year after that of the meeting.

The current index covers the PTTI Proceedings from the 2nd (1970) through the 39th (2007). The first PTTI (1969) is an 8-page typed report.

Listings of later papers have links to abstracts and to PDF files of the papers' texts, if available. PDF files can be read with the Adobe Reader program.

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  1. Time and Frequency Transfer, Synchronization, and Distribution
  2. Time Scale Algorithms and Clock Modeling
  3. Precise Time and Time Interval Applications
  4. PTTI Management, Coordination, Administration, and Research
  5. Measurements, Specifications, and Standards
  6. Atomic and Molecular Frequency Standards
  7. Crystal Oscillators
  8. Other PTTI Devices, Hardware, and Systems
  9. VLBI, Pulsars, and Relativity
  10. Other Topics

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